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About Us

John McDonough is the Founder of College Funding Evolution as well as Founder and President of the Studemont Group LP., a firm based in The Woodlands, Texas.

College Funding Evolution was founded as a turn-key urgency based marketing system designed to meet the needs of advisors looking to re-invigorate and/or jumpstart their careers in financial services. The old “cookie-cutter” seminars, expensive steak dinners, and product based approach is dying if not dead. John has built College Funding Evolution to meet the immediate needs of advisors looking to truly make a meaningful, tangible, positive impact in their clients lives while minimizing client acquisition costs. Marketing can be expensive and suffocating to a business if it is inefficient. College Funding Evolution has solved that problem. Older “social security” and “retirement” prospects will gladly eat an advisors meal and consume lots and lots of time only to “think about” moving forward. College Funding Evolution has a built in urgency that prospects breathe and feel. Our advisors don’t have to push clients into action. College Funding Evolution prospects are bringing their entire financial lives into the first and second meeting without having to convince them to. College Funding Evolution was built for agents by agents.
The Studemont Group LP. is comprised of a family of companies, each geared towards serving the needs of their clients. Their most prominent venture is Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC. Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC helps families plan for their children’s education. Preparing, applying and eventually paying for college is a massive undertaking, and Studemont Group College Funding Solutions LLC has helped hundreds of families wade through the process.
Coming out of high school, John McDonough had one focus: soccer. He had aspirations to play professionally right out of school, but was eventually recruited by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. John would earn a BS in Business Administration and Marketing, but most of his attention went to athletics. After school, John was still focused on his professional soccer career. He was invited to train for a summer with the Dallas Burn, one of the Charter teams in Major League Soccer (now known as FC Dallas). In the early 2000s, the MLS was still becoming established and John realized that he wouldn’t be able to achieve his financial goals with soccer. This revelation brought his attention back to the business world.
Having interned with Merrill Lynch in college, John McDonough had some experience in the financial advisor field. He started his career working at large, big-box firms. These experiences were very valuable. Firstly, John saw first hand how corporate entities operate. He learned that when companies only value their profits, rather than what is best for the clients, something important is lost. Even though those big companies compensate very well, John could not abide the marginalization of his clients. The second important lesson John learned from the first chapter of his career came from his colleagues. Most of John’s co-workers were considerably older than he was and their most common concern in their personal lives was how they were going to pay for their child’s education.
John McDonough broke away from that world to found Studemont Group LP and Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC in 2011. SGCFS advises families on the best ways to prepare for college. This includes helping high school students produce winning applications at the right schools, helping parents organize their finances, invaluable support for the FAFSA application process, and helping parents appeal for more financial aid support. Anyone who has gone to college or sent a child to college recently can understand how tiresome and overwhelming this process can be. Having SGCFS in your corner can make all the difference.
Studemont Group College Funding Solutions, LLC hosts seminars, workshops and private consultations to help families position their children to achieve their education goals. SGCFS’ experts can create bidding wars between schools to maximize scholarship packages. They can coach parents how to legally and ethically report their finances to earn more ‘need-based’ aid. Through John McDonough’s leadership and counsel, SGCFS has helped send many students to their dream colleges, without breaking the bank.